Jian Wei Development Sdn Bhd




马来建伟发展公司将以年产值超过3亿马币体量,且年增长超过30%的速度茁壮成长。我们将一如既往的本着“创新 服务 奉献”的企业理念,为“一带一路”的建设作出更大的贡献。在今后的发展中,马来西亚建伟发展公司将横跨地产,金融,物流三大领域。以崭新的姿态,更好的为客户提供高品质创新的产品和最优质服务。


Jian Wei Development Co., Ltd. (Malaysia) has moved to Puchong Financial Corporate Centre (PFCC) on 29th July 2016, to achieve a major leap of Jian Wei Group’s strategic development. The move marks the successful establishment of the Group based in Southeast Asia, and lay a solid foundation for the Group to be internationalized.
Malaysia Jian Wei Development has an annual output value over RM300 million and annual growth of more than 30%. We will continue the spirit of our corporate motto "innovative, service and dedication" and make greater contributions to China government’s “One Belt One Road “ (OBOR) initiative. (OBOR is one of Beijing’s most ambitious foreign economic development initiatives aims to recreate the legendary Silk Road and wields plenty of financial muscle.)

In future development, the company will develop across three main sectors in Malaysia - real estate, finance and logistics. With a new attitude, Jian Wei are aimed to provide customers with better, high-quality and innovative products and services.